All Your Desires Can be Released Here

Do you have a long-lasting hobby? For example, a simple daze? Collect cards? Crazy cleaning furnitures? Or just keep organizing things?

Although these hobbies seem to be normal, people who have these hobbies are addicted to it. There is no stopping at all. And even each of us has some hobbies that we can’t help ourselves. So is there any way to help us get enough addiction in one time, enjoy it in an environment that doesn’t have to worry about loss, and completely satisfy ourselves?

There is a place will give you an opportunity to fully develop your desire to gather and organize.

Gather: In this magical world, there are a wide variety of items that can be collected. More than hundreds of flowers, sun, coins, miracles can be collected by tapping, which is definitely the favorite of collecting players. In order to complete the ultimate goal of purifying black lands, we also need to merge them into higher levels to get more energy.

I spent a lot of time working hard to see the true face of Level 18 flower. Therefore, constantly collecting rare items in the game and merging them to the highest level is the biggest motivation for me.

Organize: In this rich world where birds, plants, and sea creatures all live together, when there are enough items collected and the land is limited, how can they stand in their own position and neatly arranged? Then we need to open another way of playing in this world: sorting out items. Next, let’s take a look at some of the favorite scenes that players like, and those who want deep experience just quickly enter the game and feel it.

There will always be Withered Grass and Meteorites by Water. If your fingers are not diligent enough, the space land by Water will be covered by them.

You must have never seen such a shocking scene. When the Miracle grows to full level, it will burst into Monster Eggs, and your land will be covered with countless monster eggs in an instant. The next step is to merge eggs as soon as possible.

The Rainforest is produced when the Wisdom Tree evolves to a certain level, It will produce Dark Clouds and rain, and they will turn into a Water. If your speed is not fast enough, then wait to collect Mushrooms everywhere.

Already can’t wait to release your desire of collecting and organizing? Let’s experience it together in Park of Monster.

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