Park of Monster: A Wonderful Journey on Your Fingertips

If you say which game can make you excited, Park of Monster should be able to count one. Once enter this magical world, the fun exploration journey will never stop.

Park of Monster offers a rich gameplay for every player, no matter what type you like, you can be satisfied.

Purify Lands

In Park of Monster, all the land is sealed by the ancient dark magic. We need to purify the land by collecting and merging monsters, so that we can have larger operating areas and unlock more objects. No doubt that any player who first sees this beautifully designed land, the longing of saving these magical lands will be awaken in their heart.

Challenge Stages

Of course, challenging all kinds of stages is the most attractive point for players. A clear goal is the passion and motivation that drives us to move forward.

Treasure Boxes

In addition, through the challenge stage, we can get treasure box, it’s the most convenient way to obtain many mysterious items.


It is completely tedious to play games alone, it’s time to do some simple and funny things. What about sending your monsters to flight other players for extra resources ? Most important of all, you can get numerous trophies if you are the winner of a battle. That will be the golden ticket for you to participate in the world ranking , Who won’t love a thrilling competition?


Last but not least, there is nothing better than socializing in a game. We add friends with each other, join the union to play together, use lovely monster expressions to chat, and play with other players in the world chat.

Of course, Park of Monster can give players far more than that, and many more surprises are waiting for everyone to explore. If you are Interested in it, you can enter this magical world to experience it.

As A Game Combines Megre And Grow, Where Is Park of Monster Fun?

Why are the elimination games so popular?As a common type of casual puzzle game, I believe many players are no stranger to the game of merger elimination. In recent years, many games that have eliminated the class have already had a trend of universalization: almost everyone can be seen while walking on the road, in the car, and gathering with friends. What charm do they have?

The reason for this is that the elimination game uses a variety of visual systems, easy puzzle play, ranking incentives between friends, and the use of fragmentation time to gain a sense of accomplishment, firmly grasping a large number of people. Then, the casual game recommended by many friends, Park of Monster, where is it fun?

The leisure and magic style in Park of Monster is well prepared for us from the beginning.

Park of Monster provides us the purest magic world paradise, animals, plants, islands, weather and scenes, everything as if it existed from the beginning. Everything we see is full of magic, and the hand-painted style makes it even more mysterious. Of course, the exquisite matching music is even more unforgettable in this magical world.

Obsessive-compulsive players really can’t stop!

If you really think that the Continent will only bring mild and friendly game experience to players, you will be wrong. When you spend a lot of time unknowingly for a small goal, such as the Level 18 flower, it’s easy to find out that this game is not casual.In order to deal with the challenge stages and the higher level items, we will be fully focused on game without stopping playing for one second.


Sharing can magnify the joy of play

We can never play a fun game alone.When we experience the joy, sharing it with others is all we can do. Park of Monster has built a bridge of sharing: we can become powerful predators to get the resources of others and enjoy the comfort of victory in battle. At the same time, we can also share the happiness in game with each other through online chat with players around the world. Talking about what is the use of this item, how to merge, funny monster emoji…

Then, try to enter the Park of Monster and open your journey at fingertips.