Here Is a Casual Game for You During the Holidays

As the ninth art that lasts forever, the game always exudes the charm that we cannot resist. But most people are busy with work and study every day. It is hard to expect a holiday that can rest. What do you use to enrich our life? A casual mobile game called Park of Monster is definitely a good choice.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你467.png

The Park of Monster is a game about merging and purifying the land. The main goal of players in the game is to acquire powerful monsters by merging and controlling the monsters to help the land unlock the seal. When you are immersed in your leisure time, you will find more and more fun inside.


It’s not just a female game, you can also feel the passion and the hot blood.

The most exciting thing in Park of Monster is the lovely monsters, they’re different, or dull or cute. Players in it as if they had come to the real magic world. See these lovely and vivid monsters, and my desire to collect is immediately mobilized. I can’t help it at all.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你1122.png

Play in a variety of ways to satisfy all your fantasies

Whether you want to quietly purify your land, or join the union with other partners, or suddenly wants to plundering the resources of other players, Park of Monster is ready for all this.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你1368.png

Joy is not just in the game.

Although various ways of playing in game are very attractive, the happiness that players can convey to each other is more exciting. Global players gather to greet each other through the chat system, send the expression package, discuss the use of an item together. These are enough to prove the enthusiasm of the game.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你1718.png

If you still don’t know what to play during the holidays? Then invite your friends to enter this magical world together. You will love it.

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