Park of Monster: Which Monsters are Good at Gathering?

Different monsters in Park of Monster are good at different attributes, and we can use them in different situations according to their characteristics. For example, when launching a plunder, the aggressive monster that holds the attribute are most suitable. They are not only endurable, but also can output a lot of Combat Power. It is easy to help us win the battle and get a lot of rewards.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你2434.png

But what are the monsters of other attributes good at? Today, I will introduce you to the monsters that are good at collecting. When you are going to snatch only the resources of the other party, it is very suitable to send them, you can get a lot of items without fighting.

Princess Kaguya

She was very cute when she was young and she is still a lovely girl now. She is always shining even when it is dark. Special monster of mid-autumn festival. When it reaches into the max level, the Combat Power can reach 60,000, which is very amazing.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你3054.png

Easter Bunny

It seems to be a cute and quiet bunny. But in fact it is super strong in combat. It used to be one of the closest Guardians of the Ancient God. I really can’t help but want to emphasize that the full-level Easter Bunny is so cute, I really want to know how it is going to be done with a big frame.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你3369.png


As night falls, everything is quiet. A scream broke through the night sky, the air suddenly condensed, and all the ancient beasts looked up and listened quietly. This is the dark messenger’s nightingale calling for the ancient gods. It is said that some people always regard it as an owl. In fact, I think so.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你3694.png

Fragrant Pig

Gentle and pinky, it likes toys and small animals. Because of the dream of the freedom life, it sneaked out of the ancient god’s house and now lives in the dark jungle.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你3880.png

These collection experts are very popular among players. If you also like the Gatherer, please share them with us. In addition, remember that the gather work can be given to them. Good luck!

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