Full and Happy! Time in Park of Monster

What to do on a wonderful weekend at your disposal? Let’s play games.

In the early morning, accompanied by mysterious and agile background music, legendary level 18 Sacred Flowers never seen by ordinary people appear on the loading page. After a short wait, a wave of water rippling around, like a black forest floating on the sea, appeared in front of him.

When you look closely, all kinds of weird flowers, monsters, treasure chests, sunlight and rain, and buildings are free to grow on the island. At this time, I can clearly feel that my absolutely wonderful magical journey in Park of Monster is about to begin!


Seeing this camp that needs to rejuvenate, my morning time is finally enriching! These sparkling miracles, seaweed, shells, monsters, veins and Water have become my motivation to collect and continuously merge and evolve them. At any time, you can summon monsters with just a tap to collect them, and then merge them to a higher level with a 5-to-2 method.


The morning time is always beautiful and short. It may be more exciting at noon. In addition to working hard on these new lives in my camp, I can also enter interesting and challenging stages to explore.

Here, for the first time, I felt a sense of accomplishment in unlocking the entire land, and I saw more novel scenes. For example, when a stage is accompanied by horrible and resentful music, and several terrible monsters after being unsealed spit out toxins frantically, that moment is really like a horrible Halloween night in medieval Europe.


Cozy time in the afternoon is here again, and the day is really fast! I accidentally passed a lot of stages, but looking back at my own camp, there are a lot of things missing. It is better to go to the camps of other players to plunder resources. This game full of excitement and blood is definitely the one that excites me most. Our strategy, ancient animal strength, desire for victory, and sense of accomplishment have been fully exerted.

What kind of monster to pick? Slip after the harvest or fight to the end? Should it impact the world rankings? Will it match the legendary big guy? These are questions that require us to activate our brains to demonstrate operations.

Looking at the loot I got on the camps of other players every time, my sense of achievement reached the highest point in an instant. In this real and balanced magical world, you can get the envy of everyone with strength!

Come and relax in the evening. Too tired to play alone, it is better to join the union! Talk to players who are saviors on this continent, challenge different types of bosses, or go to the world chat channel to meet more friends. Everyone is excited to discuss the skills of a certain level, or to show off the miracle that they have just reached the level, or to teach new players what to pay attention to. Pleasant nights slipped away in this atmosphere.


The leisure weekend spent in the game is really interesting and satisfying. Let us be together 24 hours a day to play Park of Monster!

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