Park of Monster: Which Monsters are Good at Gathering?

Different monsters in Park of Monster are good at different attributes, and we can use them in different situations according to their characteristics. For example, when launching a plunder, the aggressive monster that holds the attribute are most suitable. They are not only endurable, but also can output a lot of Combat Power. It is easy to help us win the battle and get a lot of rewards.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你2434.png

But what are the monsters of other attributes good at? Today, I will introduce you to the monsters that are good at collecting. When you are going to snatch only the resources of the other party, it is very suitable to send them, you can get a lot of items without fighting.

Princess Kaguya

She was very cute when she was young and she is still a lovely girl now. She is always shining even when it is dark. Special monster of mid-autumn festival. When it reaches into the max level, the Combat Power can reach 60,000, which is very amazing.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你3054.png

Easter Bunny

It seems to be a cute and quiet bunny. But in fact it is super strong in combat. It used to be one of the closest Guardians of the Ancient God. I really can’t help but want to emphasize that the full-level Easter Bunny is so cute, I really want to know how it is going to be done with a big frame.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你3369.png


As night falls, everything is quiet. A scream broke through the night sky, the air suddenly condensed, and all the ancient beasts looked up and listened quietly. This is the dark messenger’s nightingale calling for the ancient gods. It is said that some people always regard it as an owl. In fact, I think so.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你3694.png

Fragrant Pig

Gentle and pinky, it likes toys and small animals. Because of the dream of the freedom life, it sneaked out of the ancient god’s house and now lives in the dark jungle.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你3880.png

These collection experts are very popular among players. If you also like the Gatherer, please share them with us. In addition, remember that the gather work can be given to them. Good luck!

Here Is a Casual Game for You During the Holidays

As the ninth art that lasts forever, the game always exudes the charm that we cannot resist. But most people are busy with work and study every day. It is hard to expect a holiday that can rest. What do you use to enrich our life? A casual mobile game called Park of Monster is definitely a good choice.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你467.png

The Park of Monster is a game about merging and purifying the land. The main goal of players in the game is to acquire powerful monsters by merging and controlling the monsters to help the land unlock the seal. When you are immersed in your leisure time, you will find more and more fun inside.


It’s not just a female game, you can also feel the passion and the hot blood.

The most exciting thing in Park of Monster is the lovely monsters, they’re different, or dull or cute. Players in it as if they had come to the real magic world. See these lovely and vivid monsters, and my desire to collect is immediately mobilized. I can’t help it at all.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你1122.png

Play in a variety of ways to satisfy all your fantasies

Whether you want to quietly purify your land, or join the union with other partners, or suddenly wants to plundering the resources of other players, Park of Monster is ready for all this.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你1368.png

Joy is not just in the game.

Although various ways of playing in game are very attractive, the happiness that players can convey to each other is more exciting. Global players gather to greet each other through the chat system, send the expression package, discuss the use of an item together. These are enough to prove the enthusiasm of the game.

919 假期时间玩什么?这有一款休闲游戏适合你1718.png

If you still don’t know what to play during the holidays? Then invite your friends to enter this magical world together. You will love it.

Park of Monster: A Wonderful Journey on Your Fingertips

If you say which game can make you excited, Park of Monster should be able to count one. Once enter this magical world, the fun exploration journey will never stop.

Park of Monster offers a rich gameplay for every player, no matter what type you like, you can be satisfied.

Purify Lands

In Park of Monster, all the land is sealed by the ancient dark magic. We need to purify the land by collecting and merging monsters, so that we can have larger operating areas and unlock more objects. No doubt that any player who first sees this beautifully designed land, the longing of saving these magical lands will be awaken in their heart.

Challenge Stages

Of course, challenging all kinds of stages is the most attractive point for players. A clear goal is the passion and motivation that drives us to move forward.

Treasure Boxes

In addition, through the challenge stage, we can get treasure box, it’s the most convenient way to obtain many mysterious items.


It is completely tedious to play games alone, it’s time to do some simple and funny things. What about sending your monsters to flight other players for extra resources ? Most important of all, you can get numerous trophies if you are the winner of a battle. That will be the golden ticket for you to participate in the world ranking , Who won’t love a thrilling competition?


Last but not least, there is nothing better than socializing in a game. We add friends with each other, join the union to play together, use lovely monster expressions to chat, and play with other players in the world chat.

Of course, Park of Monster can give players far more than that, and many more surprises are waiting for everyone to explore. If you are Interested in it, you can enter this magical world to experience it.

As A Game Combines Megre And Grow, Where Is Park of Monster Fun?

Why are the elimination games so popular?As a common type of casual puzzle game, I believe many players are no stranger to the game of merger elimination. In recent years, many games that have eliminated the class have already had a trend of universalization: almost everyone can be seen while walking on the road, in the car, and gathering with friends. What charm do they have?

The reason for this is that the elimination game uses a variety of visual systems, easy puzzle play, ranking incentives between friends, and the use of fragmentation time to gain a sense of accomplishment, firmly grasping a large number of people. Then, the casual game recommended by many friends, Park of Monster, where is it fun?

The leisure and magic style in Park of Monster is well prepared for us from the beginning.

Park of Monster provides us the purest magic world paradise, animals, plants, islands, weather and scenes, everything as if it existed from the beginning. Everything we see is full of magic, and the hand-painted style makes it even more mysterious. Of course, the exquisite matching music is even more unforgettable in this magical world.

Obsessive-compulsive players really can’t stop!

If you really think that the Continent will only bring mild and friendly game experience to players, you will be wrong. When you spend a lot of time unknowingly for a small goal, such as the Level 18 flower, it’s easy to find out that this game is not casual.In order to deal with the challenge stages and the higher level items, we will be fully focused on game without stopping playing for one second.


Sharing can magnify the joy of play

We can never play a fun game alone.When we experience the joy, sharing it with others is all we can do. Park of Monster has built a bridge of sharing: we can become powerful predators to get the resources of others and enjoy the comfort of victory in battle. At the same time, we can also share the happiness in game with each other through online chat with players around the world. Talking about what is the use of this item, how to merge, funny monster emoji…

Then, try to enter the Park of Monster and open your journey at fingertips.

All Your Desires Can be Released Here

Do you have a long-lasting hobby? For example, a simple daze? Collect cards? Crazy cleaning furnitures? Or just keep organizing things?

Although these hobbies seem to be normal, people who have these hobbies are addicted to it. There is no stopping at all. And even each of us has some hobbies that we can’t help ourselves. So is there any way to help us get enough addiction in one time, enjoy it in an environment that doesn’t have to worry about loss, and completely satisfy ourselves?

There is a place will give you an opportunity to fully develop your desire to gather and organize.

Gather: In this magical world, there are a wide variety of items that can be collected. More than hundreds of flowers, sun, coins, miracles can be collected by tapping, which is definitely the favorite of collecting players. In order to complete the ultimate goal of purifying black lands, we also need to merge them into higher levels to get more energy.

I spent a lot of time working hard to see the true face of Level 18 flower. Therefore, constantly collecting rare items in the game and merging them to the highest level is the biggest motivation for me.

Organize: In this rich world where birds, plants, and sea creatures all live together, when there are enough items collected and the land is limited, how can they stand in their own position and neatly arranged? Then we need to open another way of playing in this world: sorting out items. Next, let’s take a look at some of the favorite scenes that players like, and those who want deep experience just quickly enter the game and feel it.

There will always be Withered Grass and Meteorites by Water. If your fingers are not diligent enough, the space land by Water will be covered by them.

You must have never seen such a shocking scene. When the Miracle grows to full level, it will burst into Monster Eggs, and your land will be covered with countless monster eggs in an instant. The next step is to merge eggs as soon as possible.

The Rainforest is produced when the Wisdom Tree evolves to a certain level, It will produce Dark Clouds and rain, and they will turn into a Water. If your speed is not fast enough, then wait to collect Mushrooms everywhere.

Already can’t wait to release your desire of collecting and organizing? Let’s experience it together in Park of Monster.

How does a mobile game win with its appearance?

What are the advantages of a game that will attract you? For me who prefers beauty, the appearance of the game is very important.

  • When I opened the image full of fantasy, I entered a magical world.


  • The first thing that catches my eye is the land of cartoon hand-painted style, some full of vitality, and some like a sleeping black princess.


  • All kinds of shinning balls, flowers, trees, and monsters make me overwhelmed. I can’t help myself: How beautiful here is! I even want to immerse myself in it all day.


  • Looking closely at each monster, you will be surprised to find that each time they evolve, the form is different. I experienced a delightful visual experience in these cute and ferocious monsters. From then on, using my best efforts to watch them gradually evolve into the biggest driving force for me to play games.


  • Not only the beauty of items in game, Park of Monster is also very detailed in shaping the internal ecological environment. From Hummingbirds in the sky to the Caves on the ground, to the Seaweed in the sea, all of them are reproduced realistically. So that I saw almost the entire nature in this land.


  • A good picture is definitely more than just a visual one, the background music in game is also very perfect. What personally impressed me the most was that when I got to the top 1 / 10 of all levels, there would be some magic demons that matched the background music. At that moment, I felt like I had come from Halloween in medieval Europe, and there was a sense of horror. It is very exciting for me.

Ok, the rest depends on your own experience in Park of Monster.

Park of Monster: Be careful. You’re addicted.

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of playing a casual game is? Pass the time? Mediating your mood or experiencing something different? In Park of Monster, I deeply feel that it can make me more and more addicted as I level up.

Face every Stage like exploring the New World:

The stage in Park of Monster is divided into two kinds: the normal stage and the challenge stage. Each stage will give you a certain goal of passing, generally is to merge Ancient Totems, and we will get corresponding rewards.

In the first few stages you may think it is a simple merging 5 to get 2 mission, but the more you go, the more surprises you get! You’ll find it more and more challenging, and you even need to explore it many times, or talk to friends about your strategy. What personally impressed me the most was that when I got to the top 1 / 10 of all levels, there would be some magic demons that matched the background music. At that moment, I felt like I had come from Halloween in medieval Europe, and there was a sense of horror. It’s very exciting for me.

Enjoy the camp like my own home:

For an obsessive-compulsive gamer, the most intolerable thing is to see a large dark land. Try my best to purify the populated lands is the biggest motivation for me to work hard in camp. So, every day I enter the Park of Monster, and then merge Sacred Balls until it reaches the highest level, I will be super-excited when it light up a large area of land.

To fight fairly like a competition:

In Park of Monster, my favorite thing is plundering. Those items I need, everything that is not easy to buy in store can all be plundered. I attack others and get trophies, I felt accomplished.

Tourism simulators in magic world.

There is no doubt that the Park of Monster can be called a tourism simulator. Here we can grow up with all kinds of monsters, find beautiful legends behind Miracles, and experience a series of beautiful and novel things such as Ancient Coffin, Shell, Seaweed, Fountain of Magic and so on. It just feels like wandering in the fairy tale world, visual and auditory experience is extremely rich.

If I meet another partner who is playing Park of Monster, I will remind him: be careful, or you’ll be addicted.

Gold.raiditem Reveal Warframe: Empyrean Features!

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This year, devs are exploring the far reaches of the Origin System to reveal the total scope of Empyrean. From customization to cooperation, you won’t want to miss this display of Warframe’s new space combat experience.


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To get your free Nekros Prime and Ephemera drops, you’ll first need to link your Warframe account to your Twitch or Mixer account.

Whether you’re coming to TennoCon on July 6 or watching TennoLive at home, we can’t wait to show you what’s next in Warframe. It’s been an incredible six-year journey together, and your enthusiasm and support means everything to devs.

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Fortnite 9.10 Patch Hot Spots Preview With!

Fortnite Patch 9.10 is officially released. New features surprised all players a lot. In order to help you, is very pleased to share some hot spots of Fortnite 9.10 Patch with you today. In addition, you can also farm Fortnite Items on our site at any time when you need help.


Fortnite has released a new 9.10 patch notes. It brings a very memorable gameplay: Hot Spots. Let’s take a closer look at the new features in Fortnite’s v9.10 patch specification. We welcome all players to buy Fortnite power leveling from the most reputable website – raiditem.

Hot Spots

Randomly selected locations on the map that have a high loot rate with an increase of Supply Drops!

  • SNIPER SHOOTOUT DUOS: Sniper Rifles only. Downed players are eliminated instantly. May the best aim win!
  • UNVAULTED SQUADS: Battle Royale gameplay with a limited set of weapons made up entirely of items that are vaulted in the standard modes.
  • CLOSE ENCOUNTERS SQUADS: Close quarters combat with Shotguns & Jetpacks!

Every match, select named locations will be marked in gold text on the map. These Hot Spots represent the presence of Loot Carriers. Shoot down the carriers for additional high-quality weapons.

  • Minimum of one Hot Spot
  • 25% chance for 2 Hot Spots
  • 5% chance for 3 Hot Spots

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Preview D3 Season 17 Sets & Rewards with

Since Diablo 3 Season 17 is still under testing, PTR players  can actually give us more details about this amazing new challenge. Of course, most players want to  know new rewards and  sets. will reveal these for you today. Besides, if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy online seller to  buy diablo 3  items, then we are definitely your best choice!


According to what we know, chapter IV rewards for Season 17 include a new portrait frame and the Old Growth Pet. Reaching guardian in Season 17 will earn you a new pair of cosmetic wings. Here are the quests you need to conquer in Season 17.

  • Sprinter // Speed Racer
  • Avarice // Avaritia
  • The Thrill // Super Human
  • Years of War // Dynasty
  • Master of the Universe // Master of Sets

About season journey sets, the aim of this Season is to ignore sets for the Seasonal bonus, but you’ll still need some sets to get you started with farming Ancient items faster on the new Torment difficulties. In Season 17, the sets every class needs to complete is totally different.

  • Barbarian: Might of the Earth
  • Crusader: Thorns of the Invoker
  • Demon Hunter: The Shadow’s Mantle
  • Monk: Monkey King’s Garb
  • Necromancer: Grace of Inarius
  • Witch Doctor: Raiment of the Jade Harvester
  • Wizard: Firebird’s Finery

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