Guild Wars 2 Balance Changes Approach Us Soon-


Recently the developers of Guild Wars 2 announced that they are going to make special balance changes in this game. In order to help you understand what will happen in the future, will reveal all details of this balance update for you as we always do.

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In this brand new update, the following changes have been made.

1.Each of the existing facet skills has had its corresponding active skill labeled as a consume skill. This is to help differentiate the two, and it allows for a bit more variation in some traits.

2.Previously, this facet Glint would grant nearby allies an increase to their outgoing boon durations. Soon it will instead grant allies prowess based on the legend that you invoke!

3.The consume skill True Nature also changes with the legend you are channeling. Using the True Nature of the legendary dwarf will grant each of your nearby allies several stacks of stability—maintaining defense, but against crowd control instead of damage.

4.These themes are going to be embodied in the specialization trait line through:

  • Lending magical aid to allies with healing and boons.
  • Focusing on the facets of Glint and enhancing those powers of hers.
  • Turning inward and channeling potency to yourself.

We believe that there will be more details of this update, therefore, we will keep update the latest information of Guild Wars 2. Please stay tuned on our website for further information. Besides, you are highly welcomed to buy GW2 gold from us without registration. We are very honored  to hear from you.