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The runescape team has released some awesome updates yesterday, do you know what’s the changes? According to the official, there are some big changes such as Quick Prayer Presets, Graphical, Skills, D&Ds & Minigames, Quests, Challenges and Achievements, Menaphos, Ninja Fixes, and more. Today Gold.raiditem will mainly introduce Quick Prayer Presets, Graphical and Ninja Fixes, just pay attention!


If you want to get the full detailed information, you can check out the official forum. As a trustworthy RS Power Leveling selling store, we would like to share the latest news for you, just read on! The following part comes from the official:

1. Quick Prayer Presets

The number of quick prayer presets has increased from 1 to 10, allowing you to keep a range of setups to hand. Right-click on the prayer icon on the action bar and click ‘select quick prayers’ to get started. You’ll be able to switch between the ten preset slots, and choose any combination of your available prayers for each. Note that you can also use preset slots for curses, if you’ve unlocked them. You can also drag any of your presets to the action bar, allowing for easy activation.

2. Graphical

The possessed priest’s model in Icthlarin’s Little Helper has been updated to make it more inline with current Menaphite graphics.
A client crashing issue that previously occured after using the Communication device during the Dishonour among Thieves quest in the Java client has been fixed.
Lactarius mushrooms now have the same colour for the inventory model and in the Arc journal.
The Menaphos banner has been removed from the Desert Pantheon Aura interface.
Some environment issues have been fixed near the Abandoned mine.
Some lights have been removed from the celestial dragon dungeon.

3. Ninja Fixes

Players can now have multiple Quick Prayer presets, up to a maximum of 10, and they can all be drag and dropped onto the action bar.
A fairy ring has been added to the Kharazi Jungle with a code of CJS. 5 bittercap mushrooms are required to initially restore the fairy ring.
Magic and Ranged abilities now appear unavailable in the spell book and ability bar if the player does not have the runes or ammo to cast them.
Daemonheim task reward areas no longer require wearing the aura to enter.
Gemstone dragon slayer assignments are now slightly more common.
Clue scrolls will no longer be given for the Chaos Tunnels.
The clue scroll bridge puzzle sliding puzzle has had a duck added to help differentiate between some similar coloured tiles.
The Grand Exchange buy limit for bolas has been increased from 50 to 1000.
The Summoning bar now displays an alternative colour for Special Move points (not applicable to Legacy mode).
Upon joining a group, you will now be informed if you do not have the group chat window enabled. This message has a 5 minute cool down.
It is no longer possible to log out so quickly after gathering Cursed Energy.
The Attack/Strength and Defence/Constitution ability books can now be split regardless of the status of the action bar lock.
The ‘Take BoB’ option now works correctly with keybinds.
Giving items to a familiar now behaves properly when handling stackable items.

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