Latest Diablo 3 Season 16 Immortal King Set Guide-


For these players who choose Barbarian as their Seasonal character, the Immortal King set is the challenge you have to complete. is very pleased to offer you help and share this guide with you. This guide will recommend you gears and gems to boost the character up. If you need quick upgrade then to buy d3 power levleing on our site is also a good choice!

In Immortal King Set, there will be some special bonus. You will trigger the following bonuses if you equip certain bonus pieces.

– 2 Pieces: Call of the Ancients last until they die
– 4 Pieces: Reduce the cooldown of Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients by 3 seconds for every 10 Fury you spend with an attack.
– 6 Pieces: While both Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients is active, you deal 1500% increased damage.

There are two important notes to make on Ring of Royal Grandeur in Season 16 too. Firstly the effect will not stack if you also equip a Ring of Royal Grandeur, so don’t go hunting for one thinking you’ll gain anything by doing so. Secondly, the passive effect is only active for Seasonal characters. Non-Seasonal characters will need to hunt the ring down as usual if they want to gain its very useful effect. So don’t waste your time, remember to seize every chance to enhance your seasonal characters. It’s always a wise choice to buy d3 boost when you need quick update.

The following skills and runes are recommended for the Immortal King set, use them wisely can help you work best!

– LMB: Furious Charge [Merciless Assault]
– RMB: Hammer of the Ancients [Smash]
– Battle Rage [Bloodshed]
– War Cry [Veteran’s Warning]
– Wrath of the Berserker [Insanity]
– Call of the Ancients [Together as One]

There is no doubt that level up is the key to win in this season. The following Legendary Gems should be your leveling priority when playing with the Immortal King set. If farming these items is difficult for you, then to buy diablo 3 items is alternative for your time saving.

– The Gavel of Judgment
– Pain Enhancer
– Bain of the Stricken

Now you are prepared for the Immortal King set, it’s time to start a different journey. Don’t hesitate to visit if you need to buy d3 items or learn the latest Diablo 3 news and guides. You are always welcomed here and top services are at ready all time for you! We’d be very glad to hear from you!

Gold.raiditem Tell You Warframe Upcoming New Features!


Warframe officially released their roadmap of 2019 in the first devstream this  year. They have introduced plenty of new contents that will surprise all players. However, is rather pleased to share the highlights of these upcoming new features. You can check them out below.  Besides, cheapest Warframe Platinum is served at our site to help you enhance yourself!

New Warframes

  1. Hildryn: A shield-based frame. Her abilities don’t use energy, but instead pull from her shield pool. Instead of the regular Primary/Secondary/Melee signature weapon, she’ll be coming with her own Archwing gun.
  2. Wisp: There are not any other info to share about her currently, but she is definitely worth to expect.

The Wolf of Saturn Six

  1. Developers are taking inspiration from the Alert system and are implementing daily/weekly challenges that are given to you by a new character that will last for many weeks. This will involve a somewhat Syndicate-like system with different ranks.
  2. Primarily cosmetic and high-end power rewards, not a lot that will affect MR.
  3. The story behind these will be revealed via an animated web comic available in-game. There is a new villain in-game that will be introduced!
  4. Difficulty scaling will be here for those looking for the regular Warframe experience, as well as extreme challenges for those who like to push the Meta its limits, and let them rise up.

Warframe Empyrean – Railjack

  1. Hoping to have the ability to add these to all galleons, not a system only accessible from one specific place, but a larger incorporation into the game. All ships are being reworked to include archwing transitions.
  2. Modding in Railjack will be slightly different as we explore damage and difficulty. Less stacking of attributes, trying out our ideas for a simpler, more easily balanced damage system in Railjack.
  3. New art is being done for all faction ships, including new fighter classes. You can see them here.

As mentioned above, these are just highlights of Warframe roadmap. If you are eager to learn more, then please visit the official website. Of course you are also welcomed to visit to buy Warframe Platinum or learn more Warframe news and guides. We not only offer you cheapest price but also instant delivery and full refund once there is any dispute. Please stay tuned on our site!